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For a long time I have been supporting local artists in Vancouver. This is my latest project to spread the sounds of local talent here in Vancouver and beyond. All those smaller bands no one has heard of you will find here. I'll also include tracks from around the world that compliment the Vancouver talent.

I started sharing on my Facebook account and Tumblr and Twitter and everywhere social media platform I could think of. The talent to sing, compose is one I do not possess, but these gifted artist do and having had many requests I have created this website to share them. 

I hope that you will find many favourites and enjoy just as I have. 

This is my love, my hobby, my passion! 

I truely believe that music is a worldly language with no boundaries, full of soul and love.


Nati Herron
Orange YVR Sound Sessions
1833 Radio
1833 Radio
Vancouver Talent
Local Music
1833 Radio
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